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Easy Steps to a Awesome Video Marketing Strategy

Easy Steps to a Awesome Video Marketing Strategy

Easy Steps to a Awesome Video Marketing Strategy

If you are intent on making video marketing an integral part of your online strategy, then it goes without saying that you need a plan to help with making this work the way it should.

It’s now well-known that the average internet user watches 206 videos per month, and even more important, videos are 4X more engaging than static content, and thus convert at a significantly higher rate.

Since it’s clear we must make videos to have success online these days, let’s examine 5 ways you can come up with a video marketing strategy crafted to your unique business.

5 Tips for a killer video marketing strategy

Know your audience – Knowing with a certainty what your audience is interested in and what would help them move further along down your marketing funnels is your first and most elementary task, as it will mold everything that comes later. As questions, do surveys, and look into your analytics for insights on this vitally important piece.

Choose what type of videos to produce – There are many ways to make a video, from live action talking head videos to narrated slideshows. You will have to decide this based on the talent available, along with the budget, though that is becoming much less of a factor. Perfectly acceptable videos can be made with little more than your smartphone, so there is no longer an excuse!

Set some objectives and goals – Knowing what the goals are not only of your video marketing overall but of a specific video is extremely helpful, both in producing content and marketing it. Know what you hope to accomplish with each video before you make it!

Use a calendar – Setting someone in charge of this task as well as scheduling your videos makes them far more likely to actually get done. Using a production or editorial calendar is a smart way to keep an eye on your overall strategy and marketing.

Make sure to include marketing – Don’t fail to market your videos! This includes announcing them on all your various social media channels, in addition to posting them on various video sharing sites that make sense, such as YouTube. This can result in great backlinks and an influx of direct traffic to your site.