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How to Keep People from Bailing on Your Website!

How to Keep People from Bailing on Your Website!

Considering everything it takes to get visitors to your site in the first place, does it make any sense to have measures in place which are driving them away in a heartbeat? Of course not, and there are specific easy remedies for these problems. Let’s take a look at some of these and the way you can fix them.

Why people run from your site and what you can do about it

Here a number of reasons commonly found for site abandonment, and specifically what you can do to fix it.

    • Site takes too long to load – Some studies show that you have as few as 3 seconds to get your site loaded, or a majority of people leave. Your goal is to make sure that your site loads quickly, and gives you a chance to be seen.
    • No mobile – We are more and more a society connected to our mobile devices. A full 50 percent of us now search via mobile, and about two-thirds of email is currently opened there. Enough said?
    • Is your site experience difficult? – If you make your visitors jump through a bunch of hoops to get where they want to be, you’ll learn that many won’t bother. Take a hard look at this.
    • Site security questions – If your visitors are nervous about the security of your site, they’ll be unlikely to enter any sensitive information there, like for instance a credit card number… Look into putting appropriate site security badges to help with that.
    • Awful navigation – If you can’t reasonably travel your site without bringing on a headache, you might need a navigation makeover. Make it as simple as possible to get to the important parts of the site your visitors presumably want to go.
    • No purpose – Why does this page exist? If they can’t tell that in an instant, they will leave you for another. Don’t confound the issue by having scads of ads all over the page, most of which take way from the purpose.
    • Nothing to see here, move along There is nothing worse than arriving hopefully on a site and seeing content that’s old and out of touch, no social interaction and no one commenting or worse, answering those comments. I know what I would do: how about you?