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Turn Those Negative Reviews into Positive Ones

Ways to Turn Negative Reviews into Positives

It happens to the very best of businesses. Every so often a customer will post a negative review that is going to influence potential customers regarding your business, products or service. It just can’t be helped.

While it can make us flinch and cry foul, the fact is that you can make a negative review into a positive experience for not just the customer, but for every other person who reads the way you manage your customer service. Here’s a handful of ways to make that happen.

5 Ways to turn a negative review into a positive

Resist the instinct to defend yourself – You’ll be sorely tempted to defend your company and people. Almost every time someone takes this track, it results in a disaster. You will never win anybody over by telling them they’re wrong. Preferably look at this as a chance to demonstrate great customer service and regain their business.

Answer promptly – Nothing is worse than just ignoring a complaint or taking forever to get respond to them. It demonstrates a basic lack of concern on your part in regards to the customer. Make sure you have some way to monitor mentions of your business, such as Google Alerts, to help you deal with these things swiftly.

Apologies and amends – Be sure and offer up a genuine apology, even if you feel as though you weren’t entirely in the wrong. Don’t try and offer up excuses, as all anyone that is watching will see this as a business owner covering their backside. Offer to make things right and, if they’re willing you may just have won back a customer.

Be transparent – Standing up and taking responsibility for your mistakes makes you look very good in the eyes of other customers who are watching. And they are watching!

Ask for more reviews – The most effective way to counteract the impact of negative reviews of your business is to generate even more positive ones. Always ask your customers to leave feedback for you, and chances are, if you are doing well, you’ll get a majority of excellent reviews. If not, you’ll have a blueprint on how to fix what is wrong!